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No. 9 

Spring/Summer 2024

Sound of Freedom

The Gregorio Cayetano Spring/Summer 2024 collection collection is a romantic approach to youth, an exploration of sexuality and gender freedom. 


Fusioning vibrant colours and cuts that resonate with the richness of the latin imagery and psychedelic prints inspired by the early 00’s rave scene, the collection captures the carefree style of the era but in a sofisticated way.


The comeback of low-rise pants is present in the collection, making them in different fabrics such as leather, shantung, stretch cotton, wool-blend and light denim in contraposition to the delicacy of silk blouses entirely hand-finished.


Also noteworthy are the pink satin set and the leather mini dress, alluding to the beauty of nude skin.

Upcycled fabrics from the brand’s archive were used, completely reinterprating them in conjuction with the use of leather, tweed and characteristic elements of the brand such as bows, 3D roses and printed silks. 

Bibiana Saldivar, Creative Designer of The Highline Jewelry, designed the accesories used, highlighting the selection of Pop Art-inspired rings made with 18k gold-pleated cubic zirconia stones and high-end enamel that perfectly complement the playful spirit of the collection. 


Captured by Santiago Ruiseñor, the Gregorio Cayetano SS24 campaign speaks to the Designer’s vision of unity and youth. 

Inspired by a buffus alvarius trip, Hattori, Sorachi, Mariana Arias, Molly Peyton and Quinlan strike a pose against a white background.


The Spring 2024 campaign is a journey of love and freedom.



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