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No. 7 

Spring/Summer 2021

Le Bateleur

Taking as reference the work of Toulouse-Lautrec, the influence of Art Deco in society and the memories of his childhood, the new collection of Gregorio Cayetano is a dreamtime journey

and above all, a love letter to life. 


The silhouettes of this season are strong and romantic at the same time.


Sculptural pieces in different types of textiles and leathers are combined with ruffles, bows, puffed sleeves and volume added in skirtsand in our new Harem pants. Jewel buttons take on full prominence, complementing perfectly with the earrings provided by Mexican jewelry brand Thalatha. 


This collection takes on an emotional and personal meaning and invites us to remain positive, forget a bit about our problems and allow ourselves to dream again.



Akon Changkou

Ale Velasco 
Photographed by Arturo Alcalá

Cameryn Ruby

Photographed by Joaquin Castillo

GC SS21 AKON 9.jpg


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