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No. 3 

Spring/Summer 2017

Rebel Rebel

The transgressive spirit of the 60's, as well as the glamor of Rock & Roll and Girl Power are part of the codes

of the third collection of the brand.


The essence of characters like Mick Jagger or David Bowie, whose personalities crossed gender boundaries through an overflowing sexuality, and a meticulously crafted androgyny, is manifested in each of the garments of this collection, made up of luxurious textiles such as silk or velvet, along with gabardine fabric and linens in citrus tones and pastel colors.


The sleeves are protagonists this season, exalting the modern romanticism characteristic of Gregorio Cayetano.

For this collection, a collaboration was carried out with the shoe brand Blacornio: snake over-the-knee boots, ankle boots in different materials representative of Glam Rock such as the python print and glitter were the main allies, managing to transmit the rebellion of a generation that, despite time, is still in our minds.


Photographed by Iván Rizo


Vaida Tamulenaite 

Meredith Malin 

Yeva Poduryan 

Svetlana Legun 

Juliane Oiseau 

Matteo Cazzanelli 



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